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choral, instrumental, traditional and multimedia music


A selection of music by Marie-Claire Saindon.
Choral music
Choral music
Multimedia music
Carricks: dans le sillage des Irlandais

For small Irish trad band, string quartet, clarinet, and piano

The hour-long documentary is the story of the transformation of a family myth to its scientific reality; the story of the Irish immigration to Québec during the 1847 famine and its place in the Québecois culture; and the story of a violin that may be more than it appears.


Film by Viveka Melki of Tortuga Films; aired on Radio-Canada Est on March 19th, 2017, 5pm and Radio-Canada (all of French-Canada) on May 6th, 9pm EST.

You can watch it in its entirety online (French only) on Radio-Canada's website:


My Ottawa à moi

For sound samples

A poetry/video project by Élise Gauthier. A pleasure for me to work on this 12 minute poem video.

"The writing of these poems came from a deep love for my city, as well as a deep frustration at hearing people deride it,” says Gauthier. “As a tour guide, I've grown to love all of Ottawa's facets, its unknown history and the people who live here. Ottawa has so much to offer, and often, people don't take time to find its hidden gems. Through my poems, I hope to make people see that there's more to our capital than the stuffy, bureaucratic life, and that it's a beautiful, vibrant place to live.”

Multimedia music
Chamber music
Sphères I

For string orchestra and solo quartet

Sphères I was originally written to open a concert devoted to early 20th century French music. It was based on traditional chords - major, minor, augmented, and diminished - that were then converted into hexaphonic chords to create complex colours. The harmonic sequence used to develop the entire work can be heard in its entirety between the two active tutti in the middle of the arch form.


This work was commissioned by Ensemble Arkea.

Chamber music
Folk music
Tu es ma lampe

For two voices, guitar, and samples

This song was written in the context of the FairGardens project in Montréal, where many songs were written by a group of people in the course of an afternoon. This was my contribution. The lyrics are a compilation of sacred Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, from his work The Hidden Words. The song itself bears influences from medieval and folk music.


Joining me singing (and on guitar) is Tara Nakhjavani.

La belle Catherine

Folk Québecois

My husband and I decided we would perform our own Recessional at our wedding, and with traditional Québecois fiddle tunes, no less. This is a cleaner recording done in our living room. (We do play at weddings!)

Folk music
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