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choral, instrumental, traditional and multimedia music

Le dep

(The Cornerstore)

TITLE: Le dep

INSTRUMENTATION: SA a cappella/TB a cappella

TIME: 2m15s

$/COPY: $2.00 CAD (+tx where applicable)

SAMPLE: SA: click here - TB: click here



"Le dep" is an original composition in the style of the French-Canadian mouth reels. Traditionally, instrumental folk tunes are often named according to who wrote it, for whom it was written, or, in this case, to where the musician was travelling while composing it. "Le dep" in Québec is short for "le dépanneur", which means the corner store. I wrote this tune walking to the corners tore and back during the pandemic, so, here we are!


French-Canadian mouth reel! See sample score for details.

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