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choral, instrumental, traditional and multimedia music


Poet: Linda Studley

TITLE: Flying


TIME: 3m30s

$/COPY: $2.50 CAD (+tx where applicable)

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Between nest and ground
is where all birds learn to fly

by just letting go.

And in the free fall
all weight and fear drop away

and lose their power.

I will close my eyes,
spread my arms, and fly away

if you come too.

And we will look down
on the fallen fear and weight

so far below us.

We will watch them shrink

as we wheel and soar higher,

like fledgling eagles

and we'll wonder why

it took so long to let go

of the nest and fly.

Traduction de courtoisie:


Aya est la voix du matin
Lorsque se lève le soleil;
Arrive Obee, voix du midi,
Chaude, et lente; et bientôt,
Soupire la voix du soir, Ohh,
guidant la journée à sa fin.
Diya, voix de la nuit
Chuchotent, bavardent, grimpent, crient !
Et sur toute la mer, elle chante
De la lumière, de l'amour et des êtres vivants.



"Flying" is an invitation to take a leap of faith. From childhood to old age, there are countless ideas and challenges we refuse to take on because of fear: the fear of failure, of pain, of hiRing our limit ... However, what we tend to forget is that once we jump, we tend to survive quite well, and, dare we say, thrive: like fledling eagles taking flight.

"I will fly if you come too [...] and we'll wonder why it tool so long to let go of the nest and fly." May you find the strength to leap and to invite others to do so with you.

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