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choral, instrumental, traditional and multimedia music


(One, Two, Three, Four: The Whole World Roars)

Poet: Trad. Finnish / Élise Gauthier (1983 - )

TITLE: Yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä: Le monde entier rugit


TIME: 3m15s

$/COPY: $2.50 CAD (+tx where applicable)

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courtesy translation

One, two, three, four

Let (me) be happy

Because sadness will come

Let them go


Horseflies are singing

Four mice are jumping

A cat hits a drum

And the whole world is roaring

Do you feel your heart

Match the pulse of the world

To find happiness


The trees they dance

The leaves they wriggle

Your feet your hands your pulse your head

Have something to say


The bumblebees they growl

Ants trample

Your voice your breath your blood your life

The whole world roars


Yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä

Anna iloinen olla
Koska suru tulee
Anna hänen mennä


Paarmat ne laulaa
Neljä hiirtä hyppelee

Kissi lyöpi trummun päälle

Koko maailma pauhaa

Sens-tu bien ton coeur
S'accorder au pouls du monde

Pour trouver le bonheur


Les arbres ils dansent 
Les feuilles elles frétillent
Tes pieds tes mains ton pouls ta tête

Ont quelque chose à dire


Les bourdons ils grondent 
Les fourmis piétinent 
Ta voix ton souffle ton sang ta vie

Le monde entier rugit 


“Yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä” is a children's song well known in Finland, and contains two particular cultural characteristics of this Nordic country. The people of Finland have a great respect for nature and the forest; and Finnish songs have a tendency to evoke melancholy. To counterpoint the latter, Élise Gauthier wrote an accompanying text in French that encourages singers and the audience to be inspired by the very active nature that surrounds them to find their happiness, while Marie-Claire Saindon composed a melody to this new text.

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