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choral, instrumental, traditional and multimedia music


Poet: Paul Grindlay

TITLE: Fingernail Moon


TIME: 3m30s

$/COPY: $2.50 CAD (+tx where applicable)

SAMPLE: click here

recording coming soon


Paul Grindlay


Fingernail moon
In the night sky
What are you pointing at
And why?

What should I learn or know
Down here below
About the unearthly glow
Of your lunar light show?

That it isn't your own
But borrowed splendour
Shared with compassion
By the solar sender?

Traduction de courtoisie:


Croissant de lune
Dans le ciel nocturne
Qu'est-ce que tu pointes du doigt
Et pourquoi ?

Que dois-je apprendre ou savoir
A propos de l'éclat insolite
De votre spectacle de lumière lunaire ?


Que ce n'est pas le vôtre
Mais une splendeur empruntée
Partagée avec compassion
Par l'expéditeur solaire ?



A simple lyrical piece at its surface, Fingernail Moon reveals a deep feeling of gratitude. While composers are often celebrated for their musical craft and inspiration, we sometimes forget that artists are in fact quite interdependant with their surrounding community. For this composer in particular, she would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the poets like Paul Grindlay that give her carte blanche to use their poetry, and to her "piano editor" Chad Linsley, without whom any of her piano accompaniments would be not as colourful, and perhaps not always idiomatic to the instrument. It goes without saying that this composer also offers professional services to others in exchange, thus being part of an interdependant artistic community.

When listening to and performing this piece, the composer would like to encourage you to reflect towards whom you feel gratitude for their contributions, no matter how small, that allow you to shine even brighter, no matter how small.

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