(From This Reed)

Poet: Henri de Régnier (1864-1936)



De ce roseau




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* The audio for this piece is a MIDI mock-up as the premiere recording is still on its way.


« Odelette 1 »

(Adapted by Marie-Claire Saindon)

Un petit roseau m’a suffi

Pour faire frémir l’herbe haute

Et tout le pré

Et les doux saules

Et le ruisseau qui chante aussi ;

Un petit roseau m’a suffi

À faire chanter la forêt.


Ceux qui passent l’ont entendu

Dans le silence et dans le vent,

Clair ou perdu,

Proche ou lointain...

Ceux qui passent en leurs pensées

En écoutant, au fond d’eux-mêmes,

L’entendront toujours qui chante.

Il m’a suffi de ce roseau 

À la fontaine où vint l’Amour

Mirer, un jour,

Sa face radieuse, 

Pour faire aimer ceux qui passent ;

Et j’ai, du souffle d’un roseau,

Fait chanter toute la forêt.

Courtesy translation:

A small reed was enough for me

To make the tall grass shudder

And all the meadow

And the sweet willows

And the stream that sings too;

A small reed was enough for me

To make the forest sing.


Those who pass by have heard it

In the silence and in the wind,

Clear or lost,

Near or far ...

Those who pass, in their thoughts,

By listening, deep inside,

Will always hear it singing.

I only needed this reed

At the fountain in which 

Love came

To observe, one day,

Her radiant face,

To make those who pass loved;

And I, from the breath of a reed,

Made the whole forest sing.



Based on the poem "Odelette 1" by Henri de Régnier, a little reed gives the power to a single person to make the whole forest sing, touch the deepest part of all those who pass by, and call on to Love. 


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